Jackson Kayak Zander

New product

Finally, Zander 13 comes, after two years of development, we have completed the design of the new generation inflatable fishing kayak.


25,000 Kčtax incl.

-30,000 Kč

55,000 Kč

Finally, Zander 13 comes, after two years of development, we have completed the design of the new generation inflatable fishing kayak. Zander 13 is made in the Czech Republic, in Trutnov and Litomyšl, the material is from Germany and components from RAM and Jackson Kayak from the USA, China do not take !! The design was done by Jackson Kayak team led by Honza Liska and Czech developers from PAD boards: Pavel Kutlvašr, Artur Baier and David Stolín.

Zander is designed for hunting on dams, rivers and brackish waters. Thanks to the sides of "sausages" has an incredible stability, it is such a double Big Tuna or Big Riga. The deck is designed in Jackson kayak style: the perfect Elite 2.0 seat (sliding forwards and backwards and two height positions), rod holders, armrests, Yakattack rail for holders & electronics, protective quivers for rod tips ... simply practical design we are used to . Each piece has several days of ant work, several layers of PVC guarantee great durability and durability of the product, but at the same time the weight is only 17kg without a seat. It is simply the best that appeared among inflatable fishing boats and handmade in the Czech Republic!

Zandera driveability is tuned by the seat position, which can be moved back and forth. Furthermore, you tune the position of removable fins at the bottom. The fins are aft and bow, which has been achieved after testing the best driveability. On Zander I can ride two people, serve as a bed, as a mattress to fool around on the water or even as a surfboard. Zander is designed especially for trolling and fly fishing from stand but also float and feeder go beautifully. It excels in conditions where you do not have to settle dozens of kilometers during the day, but rather focus on careful catching of places that are not more than 3 km apart.

Package includes: kayakboard Zander 13, manual, Elite 2.0 seat, Nalgene bottle, Jackson Kayak flag, Plano box, 2x RAM Tube holder with Plunger lock, 1x RAM holder 2007, Zanderbar foot support with Yakattack rail for mounting electronics and brackets, pump with pressure gauge, transport bag, two removable fins, protective quivers for rod tips, ready to install anchor systems.

On request it is possible to deliver Zander with electric motor mount.


Length: 397 cm
Width: 100 cm
Weight: 17 kg without seat
Payload: 190 kg


Stability: 10 ++
Maneuverability: 10 ++ without fins 6 with fins
Speed: 7 with fins, 5 without fins
Rivers: 8
Dams: 8
Sea: 6
Multi-day expeditions: 8

Hunting techniques

Standing hunting: 10 ++
Fly Fishing: 10+
Light spinning: 10
Heavy Spin: 9
Catfish: 7
Feeder: 7
Fawn: 7
Carp: 6

Trolling: 5