Jackson Kayak Big Ton

New product

Lending kayak!

500 CZK / day

Refundable deposit CZK 5,000 - two documents are required to complete the report

500 Kčtax incl.

A revolutionary two-sea kayak concept that is perfect for solo fishing. Excellent tandem and solo driving characteristics.

With a friend, offspring, wife, etc. you can sit either face to face or even behind you. Above all, you will appreciate that Big Tuna is perfect for solo fishing. You will be able to catch on any boat under any conditions. Even in the wind, it is possible to stand and catch a spinning or kayak as a large-capacity base for feeder fishing or carp fishing.

How to choose and order a fishing kayak?


Accessories: The new model kayak is fitted with a new type of seat (2x) with lumbar pad (2x) for added comfort from Thermarest. I come with two RAM holders for light trolling and two recessed holders, a drinking bottle, a red Jackson kayak flag, four waterproof bait boxes, a Gopro mount for the camera, a Fish Grip (2x), a Line Cutterz ( 2x) for cutting any cord (attached to the seat), with a new pocket behind the seat made of waterproof material (2x). The kayak is basically rudder ready, which can be added to the order on request. Check the color of the kayak by email or by calling our mobile. Feel free to call :) Thank you.

Big Tuna is the most versatile kayak in our range It is primarily designed for two people, but you can go on the water yourself, the seat also has a central "solo" position. It has a huge load capacity, but it is not too long. Comfortable seats, as is customary at JK, can be easily removed from the boat and you can sit on the shore, perhaps to the fire. An absolutely unique feature is the integrated cuttings, which use the water flowing under the kayak, the bait fish are so perfectly cool and lively until it comes to their turn. This, combined with great stability, makes Big Tuna also ideal for catfish fishing. Judge the kayak qualities from the photos and videos below.


Length: 424 cm
Width: 84 cm
Weight: 40 kg
Payload: 250 kg


Stability: 10
Maneuverability: 7
Speed: 7 solo 10 doubles
Rivers: 10
Dams: 9
Sea: 8
Multi-day expeditions: 10 solo 8 doubl

Hunting techniques

Standing hunting: 10
Fly Fishing: 10
Light spinning: 7
Heavy Spin: 10
Catfish: 10 (integrated fillet, immense stability and capacity make this boat a target for catfish fishing)
Feeder: 9
Fawn: 9
Carp: 10 (hardly any kayak is a good base for catching carp and white fish with different techniques)